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* 1. Whoever visits him will get the highest awareness to lead happy and successful personal and professional life. He is True Divine Guide one can depend on.

Krishnan. G.M, Finance Industry, Chennai.

* 2. He amazed me with his true love, patience sincerity and dedication during my first counselling. He also continued the same values even in my later interactions. He is doing an outstanding service.

Vishwa, R. I T Specialist, USA.

* 3. Knowing him is the best gift of my life, as he seen my untapped potential and made me to transform successfully in my professional, personal and social life.

Kumar V. P, Telecom industry, Delhi.

* 4. He has been a friend, philosopher and guide from the last 2 years. I am obliged to him for helping me to frame my successful future.

V. Iyer, IT Manager, Bangalore.

* 5. My first meeting with him resulted in positive turning point in my life, as he dissolved my problems in to the air. I wish all are blessed to receive life transforming benefits from “Holistic Life Service” Program.

Vibesha, Specialist Engineer, mumbai.

* 6. You with your positive personality and with your life skills programs changed my entire life to the best.

Karthick, software engineer, Chennai.

* 7. I am very lucky to get you as the life guide as you changed my old pattern, thoughts, ignorance, communication, personality and brought the best out of me. My heart full thanks, you have shown my power something which I have not even imagined.

S.Kumar, Production Supervisor, Chennai.

* 8. I thank you for the timely support, personal guidance and life direction, which helped me to achieve my life goal

Vishal, sales executive, Hyderabad.

* 9. The program “self awareness” and “soft skills for real success” has really done the wonder. It is my fortune to get an opportunity to meet you and I am grateful for ever.

R. Nathan, Network Manager, Chennai.

* 10. I was at my age of 40 feeling disappointed with my over all life, when I was meeting you first time. I truly appreciate your sincerity, dedication and highest confidence with which have changed my life so effectively. I want you to transform the present and as well the future generation to lead happy life. Sir, please come out fly all over, bring in the excellent sea change in others life too. People like you with such positive and powerful energy are must for all.

A.Dixit, Sr Executive, Silvasa.

* 11. I am very obliged to you as you have shown the path of success; you are my life time mentor. My family always remembers you.

Kulkarni, software engineer, Mumbai.

* 12. My special thanks to you sir, I am doing very well because of your life counseling and personal guidance.

Prabhu, Customer Service , Mumbai.

* 13. Thank you for your commitment to create awareness about over all life, which has helped me to tap the inherent talent within me.

K. Nath, Accountant, Chennai.

* 14. Your professional awareness and soft skills program have done what no one could able to do in all these years.

W Balaji, Customer Engineer , Salem


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