Monday, January 17, 2011

Cosmic Energy guru

Cosmic Energy guru 

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The cosmic energy that is within us , around us and above us, is composed of heavenly bodies vibrating at varying energy levels, creating electromagnetic fields at different amplitudes & frequencies and mutually influencing each other. The highest truth is, we are all part and parcel of this vibrating universal energy. Ultimately the invisible and invincible laws of the universe only decide our life.

All problems that we face in our life are because of the imbalance in our energy.

Since we daily clash with various energies all the time, we should know a system to tune up with the earth frequency to balance the cosmic energy. Even our thoughts are energies that are unknowingly influencing our overall state. So, positive frame of mind is must to tune up with our natural energy state.

We unaware of the invisible workings of the energies that enter & influence us from the deeper level! Only these energies actually attract the people, experiences, and things. On must know the universal law (principle) and systems to practice live in bliss. Otherwise, one has to face serious health, relationship and financial problems cropping up now and then.

Learn and practice the ultimate life truth ( cosmic energy guru) for leading a wonderful worldly life and blissful universal life from the , One And Only, Divine Life Guide , THE COSMIC MIRROR at GURUJI’S YOGAM , Maha Yogi Life Trust Academy.

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We unaware of the invisible workings of the energies that enter & influence us from the deeper level, only that actually decides attract the people, experiences, and things. Have the power to create anything we want effortlessly with joy, peace, and fulfillment.

Guruji satya pranava yogi


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