Monday, January 17, 2011

Elders life Guide

Elders life Guide 
Full of Love & Care

Elders life Guide (full of Love & Care)

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Everyone knows many things but the knowledge about what is real life at ones old age is very important for the all human beings. The ‘holistic divine guide ‘can create that ultimate awareness to lead a wonderful life, with real love and divine care.

All the children must give this divine gift to their parents for their overall wellness now and for ever. We are living in Maya{ illusion }world and “REAL LIFE AWARENESS and PRACTICES” are must. This is your Life time opportunity and you will feel you are the really blessed one, once you join this program.


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'Values' has the real value only When one understand the self 'values'.
To understand & practice our 'self values' one must have selfless cosmic life guide.  
Grand Master ..Satya Pranava Yogi 

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