Monday, January 17, 2011

Parents Children Family Life Guide

Parents Children 

Family Life Guide

Parents Children - Family Life Guide

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All parents love their children are true, but at the same time the illusive world is affecting the children 90% in negative way. When parents has time, 12 hours for office, 8 hours for sleep, 2-3 hours for personal works, not even 1 hour for themselves and their children, Everybody is influenced by various Emotional & other Negative energies from the environments and still no one really able to get the real solution.

Parents send their children to school with their own Understanding. No parent is fully aware of influences of Medias, Environments, family, school, College, Friends circle etc. In today’s life it is very difficult to bring up a child and "Real Life Knowledge" is required for Children Overall Wellness.

When one go to specialized professionals like engineer, doctor, auditor etc for the life supporting needs, then one must visit "holistic divine life guide" SYSTEM for the ULTIMATE life. "Wonderful Parents & Children Life Guide" only can create real accomplishment in once life..

Children and parents Life Awareness Programs, Practices, Retreats are developed with more them 25 years of research on Ancient Vedic Scriptures, modern lifestyle and everlasting human values, by Family Life Guide GURUJI GRAND MASTER SATYA PRANAVA YOGI.

This is your Life time opportunity and you will feel you are the really blessed one, once you join this program.


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'Values' has the real value only When one understand the self 'values'.
To understand & practice our 'self values' one must have selfless cosmic life guide.  
..Grand Master ..Satya Pranava Yogi.. 

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