Guruji Grand Master Satya Pranava Yogi

Holistic Life Counselor, Life Skills Coach, Divine Life Guide, Spiritual Philosopher, Diviner - Ancient Vedic Science, Naturopath, Yogam Therapist Cosmic Healer.

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Guruji Satya Pranava Yogi was born in cuddalore and his parents were his first guru, guide and philosophers. From the childhood he is fond of helping children, elders & others in one way or the other.

As a student, he has created life awareness among students, relatives & friends for their overall life awareness & wellness. As a young man he generated happy and wonderful relationship within many individuals and families. He received his education from the Hindu High School, A.M.Jain College, Central Polytechnic, Chennai etc. He is a Mechanical Engineer by Profession and has served in leading companies in various capacities, including top management positions in the Sales & Service of Hi-tech, Energy Saving, Pollution control and Eco friendly products, for over a period of two and half decades.

Owing to his thirst to serve the Nature & Society, studied Sanatana Dharma, Vedic Science & Ancient Sacred Rituals, Studied Masters in Counseling & Psychology, Masters in Yoga, Doctorate in Alternative Medicine, Certificate courses in Holistic Healing, Geomancy, Natural Health Science, Philosophy, Occult Practices, Holistic Life Management and other Life Transforming Spiritual Systems, teachings, from India & other parts of the world. After Myriad spiritual experiences, he decided that, “Service to the mankind is the real Seva to the God.”, “Ignorance & Ego” are the real culprits and only by Awareness, Love & Service, one can liberate themselves from this karmic Life.

Guruji is a Person of Multiple Facets. He is a Holistic Self Guide, soft skill trainer, Specialized Family Life Guide, Divine Marriage Counselor, Children & Elders divine heart guide, Motivational Speaker, Inspiring Trainer, Education Counselor, Psychic Healer, specialized in the “Art of Listening to the Child’s Inner Voice”, Interior Decorator, Multi Cuisine expert Cook, unique Crafts man, inspirational Writer, Enthusiastic Traveler, Nature Lover, Humorous & Warm hearted friend and a life student - learning “to become a New Born Child”.

Guruji is also an author of many articles & books. He has written Articles on Health, Values, Habits, Personality, Management, Divinity, Spiritual Practices, Yoga, Relationship, Modern life style, Marriage, Happy Family Life, Old Age Life, Life After Death, Karma, Self Awareness, Cosmic Abundance, Universal Energy, God, Divinity etc. These articles are being published in various Spiritual, social, Business & Management Magazines and Daily national news papers regularly. He has also received many accolades in many stages for his contribution towards Self, Family, Social, Cultural, Spiritual Life Awareness programs.

He has also participated in few talk shows on various TV channels, All India Radio and FM Radio and was even interviewed by leading magazines about Life Awareness, peaceful life and blissful world. He has conducted Interactive programs / talk show in Lions Club, Rotary club and various Cultural Centers etc. and have also conducted one to one programs at a Corporate level for Senior Executives, Staffs and also in various Societies, Colleges, Schools etc.

With vast Mundane & Spiritual Life Experience and with Divine Blessings, He has developed a unique "Holistic Life Care Programs ", “One to One Wellness Life counseling” and “Life Mentor Workshop” from Ancient Secret Knowledge & New age Scientific Awareness and leads one & all towards Eternal joy, peace, harmony & bliss. He has developed a unique system called the “COSMIC MIRROR” a wonderful gift to the world. Since each one is unique only this UNIQUE system can give the right guidelines for a Real success. One can avail Divine Life Guidance & Solutions for self, Personal, Family, Professional, Relationship, Intellectual, Psychological, Social and Spiritual Life and for all the life questions. His programs are must for all age groups from, new born, children, students, youngsters, newly getting married, married, parents, to senior citizens.

He conducts regular workshops, Seminars, Interactive programs, One to One Sessions, Talk Series, discourses, Retreats for general public with an ultimate goal to discover hidden powers and to lead a successful life. “All who consults him will realize that they can achieve their life goals at all times”.

He also strongly believes that by understanding & practicing the Cosmic Principles every human being can bring out their bet and grow to the highest Level. He wants all such like minded spirited people to come together to create a wonderful life for all, by Self Realization & Social Evolution. Let us join and create a wonderful world for all beings.

Guruji Satya Pranava Yogi’s life mantra, since we are all is from one gigantic cosmos, we can achieve success, we will attain happiness and we have to serve all.


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'Values' has the real value only When one understand the self 'values'.
To understand & practice our 'self values' one must have selfless cosmic life guide.
..Grand Master ..Satya Pranava Yogi..