Monday, January 17, 2011

Holistic Life Maintenance

Holistic Life Maintenance 

Psychology, Care Programs & Workshops that brings out the hidden talents and creates new you @ Care Psychologist

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We are living in a Maya materialistic world, wherein things that are really not helpful to our body, mind, and soul are attracting us very freely. The delusive world creates the impression that anything can be purchased at a price and so every one run to make money at any cost, even risking their life wellness zone.

We all know how to maintain whatever we own, but not our precious life. We have stabilizers, anti virus software’s & regular services for various equipments, But for our life there is no stabilizer to protect our emotions, no anti virus software to protect mind, and no Life service station for regular maintenance?

We should not lead life with limited knowledge about life, energy, god, etc, there is much more than one can really believe. We must have healthy life to recognize reality. So First enter in to the great system 'Life Maintenance Abode' and lead a wonderful life.

Call us to join this life transforming program.

See your self (SELF) FIRST at the 'COSMIC MIRROR' and complete the great system of your life time "HOLISTIC LIFE MAINTENANCE". ENTER the new life and enjoy the life forever. With love. Guruji satya pranava yogi




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Each Self Is Different; Learn the "Uniqueness Of Your Self". And then apply that Real Unique self System, To Bring Out the Best Of Your Self!  
- Grand Master Satya Pranava Yogi 

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