Monday, January 17, 2011

Life Suffering & Cosmic Mother

Life Suffering & Cosmic Mother 

Psychology, Care Programs & Workshops that brings out the hidden talents and 
creates new you @ Care Psychologist

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Every One Is Doing Their Duties As Well As Social Services In Their Own Way, But The Most Painful Is To See People Who Are Perfectly Alright In All Areas Life, Still Undergoing Tension, Pain, And Anxious Moments. This Silent Suffering Is There Almost In All Human Beings Over All Life In One Way Or Other But All Continue Life Due To Their Own Reasons In Their Own Way. All Wants What They Wanted And Not What Is Really Needed. This Has To Stop.

Whoever Sees The Cosmic Mother At The Cosmic Mirror Will Bring In Real Wonders In Their Life, SUFFERING TO SUPREME SUCCESS.

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 Each Self Is Different; Learn the "Uniqueness Of Your Self". And then apply that Real Unique self System, To Bring Out the Best Of Your Self! 

- Grand Master Satya Pranava Yogi

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